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Cole found that “The bones were very fragile” (33-34). Author’s last name followed by the page number referenced in work. These are placed in parentheses at end of sentence before period. The fourth is partial plagiarism – in this case we are talking about assigning some elements from a given work and signing them as… Continue reading Write My Essay


How many graduate students or master’s degree students do you know who have time to do this? Not many right – mostly the ones who have discovered a company like ours. There is no shame in admitting that you need help. You know what, there comes a time when you’re not particularly struggling, but you… Continue reading Essay

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We match you with the right writers because we understand their capabilities. Besides, our 24/7 available and reliable customer support team always sends a notification that the essay has been assigned. Usually, its status changes from “bidding” to “assigned.” From there, the rubber meets the road, and your essay gets justice it so deserves. Even… Continue reading Write Essay

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