The Movie Predator 1997

The Movie Predator 1997, and gang wars are out of control in Los Angeles. Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his team investigate a series of gory gangland killings.

When one of his team is killed, Harrigan goes on a hunt for the killer. But when he encounters the Predator in a slaughterhouse, its ultraviolet flashlights spot his team’s UV flashlights.

Mike Harrigan The Movie Predator 1997

When Los Angeles is experiencing a hot and violent drug war between Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels, Lieutenant Michael Harrigan leads a small police force to lower the temperature and bring down the thugs. But he’s not happy with their tactics, and when a Predator drops in on a shootout between the two groups, Harrigan breaks into the gang leader’s stronghold to save two officers.

After rescuing the two officers, Harrigan enters the hideout and slaughters all but the crazed gang leader El Scorpio. He then heads to the roof with him to get a closer look.

While on the rooftop, Harrigan catches sight of the City Hunter Predator. He dismisses it as a result of the heatwave and his acrophobia, but he soon learns that it is an extraterrestrial hunter that can see in the infrared spectrum, uses active camouflage and hunts humans for sport.

A few days later, Harrigan and his team are called out to assist a local Colombian drug lord named Ramon Vega in his home. Vega is killed and only his girlfriend is left alive.

On the way to the scene, Harrigan is approached by a man he has met before in another case and given the name of “Danny.” The man tells Harrigan that Danny has been murdered by a Predator, which Harrigan believes is the same one that attacked him in Central America ten years ago.

As Harrigan begins to search for the killer, he meets up with special agent Peter Keyes who has been trying to capture a Predator for a decade. He explains that his team will set up a trap in a nearby slaughterhouse to capture the creature for study.

Cantrell The Movie Predator 1997

A detective in the Los Angeles Police Department and a member of a team at the Alvarado precinct during the gang wars of 1997, Leona Cantrell was one of the few people to encounter Predator 2. She and her partner, Lambert, were taken by the creature on a subway, but she escaped and survived the attack after it learned she was pregnant.

A decade after the events of the first film, Los Angeles is once again at the height of gang violence with rival Columbian and Jamaican drug cartels battling for control of the city. Lieutenant Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover) leads a team of police detectives to investigate the violence.

Tracing a lead to the killer of Danny, Harrigan meets with King Willie, a Jamaican drug lord and voodoo practitioner who says that the killer is supernatural. He also advises Harrigan to prepare for a battle against the monster.

Despite his scepticism, Harrigan follows the lead and ends up at a warehouse district, where he finds a Colombian drug dealer hiding out. After a firefight, Harrigan and his detectives enter the hideout, but find him and several of his fellow crew members murdered by the Predator.

As Harrigan tries to kill the Predator, he discovers that it has a self-destruct device that is activated when it comes into contact with a human. The Predator is then forced to fight Harrigan, using its throwing disc, and he manages to impale it, killing it.

In addition to this, Harrigan learns that the Predator is an honour bound hunter and will only attack a target that it thinks has a higher honour. This is what led the Predator to attack the drug dealers and police outside the building.

Lambert The Movie Predator 1997

A cocky, arrogant detective and fan of lucky golf balls Lambert has a reputation for being one of the most ruthless gang busters in Los Angeles. He is transferred from Rampart Station to Mike Harrigan’s team at the Alvarado Precinct during a time of gang wars, and the two quickly cross paths with an alien hunting the same gangs.

In the midst of the violence, Lambert and Leona Cantrell find themselves in a subway car that is occupied by a gang of thugs. They have a shootout with the thugs, and Lambert tells Leone to get the commuters off of the train and into another.

The train soon enters a subway tunnel, and Lambert and Cantrell are caught in the middle of a battle between the Predator and the thugs. The Predator rips his skull from his body, but Leona manages to escape.

Once Lambert is rescued, the Predator tries to kill him again, but he dodges and catches it with a staff, then knocks it unconscious with a single blow. The Predator, however, still has its chameleonic invisibility cloak on, and it can see him through it in flat red, even though it is maskless.

There are a few new-fangled Predator gizmos here and there, including a spiffier ship, but the premise remains largely unchanged. There are some clever twists on the recognizable self-destruct mechanism, and some interesting hunting patterns and habits.

What’s most striking about Predator 2 is how it manages to suck up all the great action and violence of the ’80s in a way that doesn’t feel too self-indulgent or hollow. In fact, it’s a far better action film than the original and could have easily been called the best in the series. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fun ride and a joy to watch.

Ramon Vega

The Movie Predator 1997 Ramon Vega was the biggest drug dealer in East Los Angeles during the 1970s. He was murdered by a group of Jamaican Voodoo Posse members.

He was a huge player in the Colombian Scorpions organization, and his death was a major blow to the city’s drug trade.

It also set up a long-running war between his rivals, the Jamaican King Willie’s gangs and the Colombian Ramon Vega.

In Los Angeles, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his cocky detective partner Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) are tracking crazed drug-dealers when they uncover a bloody feud between

the two competing gangs. Initially, Lt. Harrigan is determined to bring the feud to an end, but when he meets a mysterious stranger named

Peter Keyes (Gary Busey), he suspects him of being involved in all the violence.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Movie Predator 1997 But before he can figure out the truth, Predator 2 plunges them into a battle against one of the most frightening creatures in human history.

It kills people one by one, slashing their skin and ripping off their hearts, and sparing only the women.

The special effects in Predator 2 were revolutionary at the time, even by modern standards. Naked bodies bled down from a studio apartment ceiling and there were some shockingly realistic death

scenes, including a close-up of a pregnant woman’s skull that revealed a developing fetus within her.

There were also some clever visuals that didn’t make it into the finished film. For instance, the first scene where a crowd of commuters in the metro station spot the City Hunter’s camouflage as it

moves by was originally meant to show that the creature is specifically targeting them, which would have been a major reveal for viewers at the time.

It was also supposed to be much longer, with the City Hunter leaping across the rooftops and Harrigan watching it from below.

King Willie

The Movie Predator 1997 In the early 1990s, Los Angeles was suffering from a gang war between the Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels. It was a hot and crowded city,

but it also had a strong sense of identity. This made it a good setting for a Predator movie, which was a huge hit at the time.

The film follows Mike Harrigan, a tough-minded police officer who works to prevent violent crime in the city. When he discovers that the

Predator has slaughtered members of his gang, he goes to investigate. He meets with King Willie, a leader of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse.

Despite the fact that he was a drug lord, King Willie seemed to hold a respect for Harrigan. He even agreed to meet with him privately and discuss

the violent deaths that were taking place. However, he was killed by the Predator just after they met.


While King Willie’s voodoo beliefs were a caricature of his country, they did offer an interesting angle for exploring the Predator mythology.

In addition to being a gang leader, King Willie was also a voodoo priest and believed that he could hear the spirit of a demon.

When he was confronted by the Predator, he thought it was a demon, not a predator. He believed that the Predator would kill him and his gangmates.

There is a scene in the movie when King Willie was interrogated by Detective Harrigan about his voodoo beliefs. During the interrogation,

Harrigan noticed that the deaths of the Jamaican gang members had a striking resemblance to the deaths of those in his gang.

This scene is a great example of how Predator 2 offers a more nuanced exploration of race. The film provides a fuller picture of race than the first film did and explains how racial tensions in the late

1980s and 1990s were caused by the influx of people from different cultures. In this sense, the film is a significant work of cultural and historical significance.

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